Head Office: 	P .M. B. 3 Ekondo- Titi     		Tel: (237) 7711 12 47; Fax: (237) 77 99 15 97 	 Email: pamol-Ibe@pamol-plantations.com   Branch Office: 	B.P. 5483 Akwa-Douala     		Tel: (237) 33 43 05 01; Fax: (237) 33 43 05 41 	 Email: pamol-Ibe@pamol-plantations.com   (c) Pamol Plantations Plc
PAMOL Plantations Plc is a gigantic agro-  industrial establishment with a labour  force of 3.320, manning three Estates  with Oil Palm "red gold" and Rubber as  main cash crops. The Estates include  Ndian and Lobe, specialized in the  production of palm oil and Bai expanding  in the rubber sector, all covering a total  surface area of 10.368 hectares of land  mass under its operational command.  The initial owners of today's PAMOL Plantations Plc were  Unilever and PAMOL Plantations Limited Cameroon (PPLC).   Before the advent of the birth of PAMOL Plantations Plc on July 10, 1996 as a parastatal registered under the laws of  Cameroon and governed by the OHADA treaty, the agro-  industrial establishment had witnessed some hurdles, faced  some teething problems that saw it put on liquidation after the  departure of Unilever. Due to hard-work and dedication,  management and determined staff refused to throw in the  towel, the reason why the establishment survived liquidation  and bounced back to business. The Plantations' numerous  activities fall under the direct supervision of the Ministry of  Agriculture and Rural Development and the Ministry of  Finance. The headquarters of PAMOL Plantations Plc is located in Lobe,  Ndian Division of the South West Region and operates on a  fixed capital of FCFA 1.874 billion with the government of  Cameroon having the lion's share capital of 67.16 per cent.  32.84 per cent is owned by para-public and private companies.  The two oil palm estates are in Ndian Division while the rubber  estate is in Meme Division, 22km from Lobe.  
Our Palm Oil is  Specially Favoured for  Domestic Consumption  and Attractive for  Industrial Use.
Our Planting Materials and  Finished Products are Produced  Purposely to  Meet Your Ever  Increasing Demand for Quality 
We Guarantee  Highest Level of  Seed Purity,  Precocity and sustain  Yield, Resistance to  Vascular Wilt and  very High Oil  Content. Supported by a solid Research Program  Developed using the Internationally Recognised  Recurrent Selection Breeding Scheme 
Planted within the  Mount Cameroon  area, our latex is of  very high quality.
Oil Palm Seeds Rubber Laundry Soap
Pamol Laundry Soap  is Highly Solicitated  for its Durability and  Excellent     Detergence
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